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The emission standard of zumiao papermaking will be tightened from September

the environmental protection department of zumiao street in Chancheng will strengthen the remediation of 17 enterprises with key pollution sources in zumiao area, of which Chengtong paper will implement special management measures, and the emission standard of COD (chemical oxygen demand) will be tightened from September. The special investigation and rectification of illegal sewage discharge enterprises will also be strengthened. The environmental protection department calls on citizens to actively report illegal sewage discharge

According to the environmental protection department of zumiao, 12 key enterprises with large sewage discharge in yongbian, Foshan have been closed; Through environmental technological transformation and treatment, one enterprise (Huahao chemical electrochemical plant) achieved zero discharge of industrial sewage, greatly reduced the discharge of industrial sewage to rivers, and completed the sewage inflow of 14 key sewage discharge enterprises, including Lianda Textile Industry Co., Ltd. and Xinya Service Co., Ltd

the sewage discharge standard of paper mills will be raised

in the next step, the diameter (or thickness) of the extrudate will be much smaller than the diameter or gap of the hard mold. The environmental protection department will strengthen the remediation of 17 enterprises with key pollution sources in zumiao district. There are also three enterprises whose sewage has not entered the sewage treatment plant (grain and oil plant, Xiaguang food, Chengtong paper plant). Among them, special management measures will be implemented for Chengtong paper industry, and through the total amount control method, enterprises will be prompted to improve the technological transformation of pollution control and reduce emissions. At the same time, we will strictly implement the environmental protection department's co D emission standards for the paper industry. After September 1, we will reduce the g/l from 90 m Jin Chengli, who graduated from Southwest University of science and technology in Mianyang, Sichuan, to 60m g/L, strengthen the monitoring of water outlet discharge, and strengthen law enforcement and supervision. Law enforcement officers are solid and smooth, and conduct comprehensive patrol and supervision of the river once a week

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