The emergence of the latest paper products drives

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The emergence of new paper products promotes high quality of life

as a necessity of public life, the scientific and technological content of paper products reflects people's living standards and quality. With the increasing demand for paper in terms of quality and function, more and more new paper products have been developed around the world. Energy saving, environmental protection and intelligence are the mainstream of the development of science and technology, as well as the trend of new paper products. Development of foam paper packaging materials in Germany recently, PSP company in Bremen, Germany, developed a new process for the production of foam paper. Using foam paper as the packaging material instead of foam plastic can effectively reduce environmental pollution and resource waste. This kind of foam paper uses old books, waste newspapers and flour as raw materials. Its production process is to first cut the recycled old books and newspapers into pieces, and then grind them into fibrous pulp, so that they are mixed with flour in the ratio of 2:1. The mixed paper pulp is injected into the extruder and pressed into cylindrical particles. In the extrusion process, the raw materials are foamed by water vapor to form foam paper. Compared with foamed plastics, foam paper has a simple production process, which can be formed at one time, eliminating the process of multiple foaming and cooling. Because foam paper foaming does not need chemical additives, only water vapor, and the used foam paper can also be recycled, reprocessed and reused, the production and use of foam paper are beneficial to the environment

this is the core competitiveness of an enterprise. Intelligent paper packaging materials for batteries. American International Paper Company (IP) will soon add light, sound and other special effects to the packaging of some consumer products. The key reason for this is that it adopts an ultra-thin soft battery developed by Israel power paper. It is reported that this new battery can be "printed" on the product package like ink. International Paper Companies and energy paper companies hope that this new battery, which can be used at will, will enable manufacturers to more effectively attract consumers through product packaging. A spokesman for international paper said, "the primary reason for using this battery in packaging is its marketing advantage - it can make vivid advertising messages jump into the eyes of consumers many times."

the new fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping paper worthy of promotion uses the fresh-keeping paper bag made of functional fresh-keeping paper to store and preserve fruits and vegetables, which can not only play a good role in anti-corrosion and fresh-keeping, but also has simple production method, relatively low cost, and is conducive to long-distance transportation. It is a relatively practical new method of fruit and vegetable packaging and fresh-keeping

Chinese herbal medicine quick acting grape preservation paper after processing these data, this is a kind of quick acting grape preservation paper for grape transportation or storage, which is composed of preservative and double-layer substrate. Under the action of temperature and humidity in the packaging container for transporting or storing grapes, the fresh-keeping paper can continuously and quantitatively release sulfur dioxide gas, sterilized volatile oil of Chinese herbal medicine, and achieve the purpose of preservative and fresh-keeping of grapes. In summer, the grapes can be kept fresh for 6 to 9 days in normal temperature transportation, and 11 days in 32 degrees Celsius laboratory conditions, and the intact rate of grapes is 97%; Refrigerated grapes can be kept fresh for 2 ~ 3 months

full color printing paper for special leather a British company has developed a special transfer paper, which can transfer full-color graphics on leather products. This process can be widely used in the printing and dyeing process of various leather products, such as clothing, handbags, gloves, sandals, boots and other footwear products. At present, the company has successfully introduced this technology to many shoe-making factories in the UK and the Far East

in daily life, ordinary paper is afraid of water and moisture; Offset printing paper and electrostatic copying paper are waterproof and moisture-proof, but they are inconvenient to write. 4. The oil return condition of the buffer is poor. In order to develop a multifunctional paper integrating the above functions, experts from Luohe Yinge company in Henan Province and the nano science and Technology Research Institute of central China Normal University used the most advanced nano technology in the world to prepare a nanostructure layer on the surface of ordinary paper, and developed this new waterproof nano paper. In addition to maintaining the original writing, copying and other functions of the paper, this nano paper also has the special properties of super hydrophobicity and moisture resistance, improving the printing surface strength and reducing the expansion rate that ordinary paper does not have

today, with the rapid progress of science and technology, new products and processes will continue to emerge in the paper industry, which has always maintained a low profile. Perhaps the emergence of a new paper product will not bring much change to people's lives, but with the passage of time, we will find that the texture and function of the paper and paper products used in life are not comparable with those in the past

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