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The emission of float glass production lines of many glass enterprises in Shahe has reached the standard

since it was completed and put into operation at the end of September, 52 production lines of 30 glass production enterprises in Shahe have been stably up to the standard. In the "made in China 2025" and "the next milestone in the new material industry will be the 025 development plan for 25 meter fan blades to be manufactured soon", it is clearly proposed that new materials are important strategic emerging industries, such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide Particulate emissions are lower than national standards

under the condition of weak demand in the glass market, continuous decline in glass prices and general loss of glass enterprises, Shahe City withstood the pressure of extreme financial difficulties and invested a total of 1.2 billion yuan. All glass production enterprises in production have built desulfurization, denitration and dust removal facilities, and realized the third-party custody operation of monitoring equipment

in the afternoon of November 24, in the monitoring cabin of Shahe jihengyuan Jingtai Industrial Co., Ltd., I saw a pollution source automatic monitoring (monitoring) data acquisition company fixed on the wall, which still showed the development trend of a high-tech enterprise taking off against the market. The emission data of soot, nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide displayed by the instrument changed every minute. Bai Tongyu, the person in charge of environmental protection of the company, told that through the transmission instrument, these data were continuously transmitted to the third-party monitoring platform of Xingtai environmental protection development company in order to commercialize the material

unprecedented investment has been made in this round of governance. Jihengyuan Jingtai Industrial Company, which has only one float glass production line, invested 30million yuan. With eight float glass production lines, safety industry Co., Ltd. has the largest volume and investment in the local glass manufacturing field. Li Aibo, deputy general manager of the company, introduced that the desulfurization, denitration and dust removal facilities have been completed, and the company has invested a total of more than 200million yuan

enterprises are determined to invest, thanks to the strong promotion of the government. Shahe City has specially set up a headquarters for the rectification of air pollution in the glass industry, with the Secretary as the General Commander and the mayor as the commander, established a system of leading subcontracting enterprises, and dispatched 90 cadres to form 30 joint working groups to enter the enterprise to monitor the construction progress of environmental protection facilities 24 hours a day. At the same time, relying on Hebei Shahe Glass Technology Research Institute, an environmental protection technology expert group was established to provide free environmental protection facilities and technical services and guidance to enterprises. In view of the immature denitration technology in the glass industry, the Secretary of the Shahe municipal Party committee and the mayor personally led the team, organized entrepreneurs to study abroad, and selected cooperative enterprises with relatively mature technology

Zhang Lige, deputy director of Shahe Environmental Protection Bureau, told that the Shahe municipal government had also introduced incentive measures to give financial incentives to enterprises that completed the construction of environmental protection facilities before September 30. At the same time, compulsory shutdown measures were taken for enterprises with no hope of rectification at the expiration of the period, and a total of 4 production lines were shut down

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