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New coal chemical technology: create a number of world first

during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", in order to adapt to the characteristics of China's resource endowment, get rid of excessive dependence on oil, adjust the structure of chemical raw materials, and implement the oil substitution strategy, China has made a number of major key common technologies in the field of new coal chemical industry, and a number of innovative achievements have created the world first

in terms of coal to chemicals, Shenhua Baotou coal to olefin project was successfully commissioned in August this year, producing qualified polyethylene and polypropylene. This project is the world's first polyolefin production project using coal as raw material. The core technology adopts DMTO process and catalyst with independent intellectual property rights. Through coal operation, comfortable gasification to syngas, syngas purification, purified syngas to methanol, methanol conversion to olefins, the pointer of the testing machine and the pointer of the dynamometer dial indicator will vibrate the olefin polymerization process route to produce polyolefins. The project includes a coal based methanol combined chemical plant with an annual output of 1.8 million tons, a methanol based polyolefin combined petrochemical plant with an annual output of 600000 tons, as well as supporting thermal power stations, utilities, auxiliary production facilities and off-site projects, with a total of 46 sets of devices and units in six systems. The successful commissioning of the project has created a new way for the coal based energy and chemical industry, and established China's international leading position in the world's coal based olefin industrialization industry

the fluidized bed methanol to propylene (fmtp) industrial technology development project organized and developed by the new generation coal (energy) chemical industry technology innovation strategic alliance has completed an industrial test of 30000 tons/year, opened up a new way of coal to propylene in China, and will play an important role in the comprehensive utilization of energy in China

in addition, the world's first coal to ethylene glycol (200000 tons/year) industrial demonstration project with China's independent intellectual property rights has opened up the whole process. The project adopts the new technology of coal to ethylene glycol jointly developed by the Fujian Institute of material structure of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Golden Coal Chemical New Technology Co., Ltd., and uses lignite as raw material to explore a new route for the industrialization of coal to ethylene glycol

in terms of coal to liquid, Shenhua direct coal liquefaction unit with an annual output of one million tons of oil products, which was independently developed and built by China, was commissioned for the first time on December 30, 2008. This is the first direct coal liquefaction unit built in the world. Now the unit has entered the stage of long-term trial operation. As of the first half of this year, the demonstration unit has produced about 200000 tons of diesel, naphtha and other oil products. This year, the unit will produce 500000 tons of oil products. In addition, China's innovative indirect coal liquefaction technology has successively built three sets of 160000 ton/grade coal indirect liquefaction oil plants in Ordos, Inner Mongolia and Lu'an, Shanxi

in terms of coal gasification, the 1000 ton level multi nozzle opposed coal water slurry pressurized gasification technology with daily coal processing capacity jointly developed by Yankuang Group Co., Ltd. and East China University of science and technology is in line with Texaco, shell and other coal gasification technologies in the world. It has been widely promoted and used, and on this basis, it has successfully achieved large-scale, and the 2000 ton level furnace type with daily coal processing capacity has been put into industrial operation. This technology has won the second prize of national science and Technology Progress Award and the special prize of chemical industry science and technology progress award. Its innovation is reflected in the following aspects: efficient pre film nozzle is more conducive to the atomization of coal slurry; The multi nozzle feeding forms an impact flow field in the furnace to strengthen mixing and heat and mass transfer; The spray and bubbling composite bed type syngas preliminary washing and cooling system avoids the syngas with water and ash; The preliminary purification system of syngas with the idea of staged purification has good purification effect and low system energy consumption; The black water heat recovery and slag removal unit adopts the direct contact process of steam and returned ash water, which has good heat exchange effect, high ash water temperature, full utilization of steam, and avoids scaling and ash blockage of the equipment. These innovations have been patented and authorized, and the whole process has complete proprietary intellectual property rights

the aerospace (ht-l) pulverized coal pressurized gasification technology independently developed by Beijing Aerospace Wanyuan Coal Chemical Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. has entered the world's leading ranks, filling the gasification gap that large-scale pulverized coal constitutes an important part of interconnected homes in China, and has built industrial demonstration projects in Anhui, Henan and other places. The promotion and application of this technology will make the effective gas composition, carbon conversion rate, coal gasification thermal efficiency and other technical indicators equal to or better than foreign similar furnaces

in terms of polygeneration, Yankuang Group and the Institute of Engineering Thermophysics of the Chinese Academy of sciences have successfully built the world's first coal electricity cogeneration industrial demonstration device with an annual output of 240000 tons of methanol and 71.8 MW power generation through breakthroughs in key technologies, which has played a demonstration role in power generation, cogeneration of methanol and clean utilization of coal. At present, it has realized long-term operation. Note: this reprint is for the purpose of transmitting more information, and does not mean to agree with its views or confirm the authenticity of its content

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