The latest CNC universal lathe

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The fourth generation of new CNC universal lathe

nef series continues to develop rapidly in China's adhesive industry. CNC universal lathe provides you with the current high efficiency with many characteristics at a low price. Unmatched performance with a small investment

for a long time, "the compression resistance of the sample will be more in line with the actual Nef" has always represented advanced lathe technology, comfortable operating environment and excellent cost performance. At present, gitmar group has launched the fourth generation of new product entry-level lathe, which has successfully challenged the low-cost products in Asia in terms of quality and technology

this product series is very competitive and attractive: as a new entry-level machine tool, the price is only RMB 389900, but it has excellent performance and excellent performance that are not available in the same type of machine tools in the world

for example, With 15 "The steel structure of LCD can swing dmg slimelinepanel, which has a graphical operation interface and an advanced control system of 3D real-time simulation. When the driving power is up to 24 kW and the driving torque is up to 720 nm, the speed can reach 4000rpm.

among the products of the same type at this price, the 4 guide rails are gradually weakened in the middle, and the bed and 30 ° inclined workbench are the only ones, which are specially assembled to improve chip removal performance and optimize the operability of the equipment. In addition In addition, the huge processing space and the 8-bit turret bring great flexibility to the Nef 400/600 machine tool: disc parts with a diameter of 350/550 mm and shaft parts with a length of 650/1.200 mm can be accurately processed in a very short time. Other important factors, such as digital driven spindle and linear guide rail with high dynamic and stable performance, are also important to ensure the highest processing progress and the best surface quality

the controllable tailstock with hydraulic center, complete safety and the small floor area of the machine tool with green spraying (optionally equipped with metallic paint), all of which are further signs of the great development of the machine tool in terms of details

nef series product features:

belt 15 "- liquid crystal display and the latest 3D software's swingable dmg slimlinepanel

shaft processing is convenient through 4-track workbench and semi-circular movable window

8 tool position turret

controllable tailstock with hydraulic center

Dynamic Linear guide rail

improve ergonomics and chip removal conditions through 30 ° inclined workbench

digital drive spindle to achieve excellent machining surface and high accuracy

spindle speed 4.000 rpm, drive Power 15/24 kW, torque 400/720 nm

large processing space, chuck clamping processing diameter of 350/550 mm, length of 650/1.200 mm shaft parts

integrated safety, safety integration, double detection safety

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