The latest Dell all-in-one machine recycles old co

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Dell's new all-in-one machine recycles old computers with recycled plastics

Dell will introduce all-in-one machines with recycled plastics next month, and Dell will produce more environmentally friendly computers in the future

Dell's hardware recycling plan has been expanded worldwide, aiming to recycle plastic and metal in personal computers, monitors, hard disk drives and other products by using the 500N model recommended by Jinan new era assaying Instrument Co., Ltd

the opti plex3030 all-in-one machine that Dell will ship next month is one of the products in the plan. Next year, more notebooks, desktops and other misoperations will be made of recycled plastic

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the material has higher impact strength and can withstand the high thermal deformation temperature under load. Apple is also recycling waste computers, and other companies should follow this model

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