The latest coating improves the stealth ability of

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The new coating improves the mechanical properties of the U.S. military bombing data. Get the stealth ability of the reaction machine on the dial

the new coating improves the stealth ability of the U.S. military bomber

August 18, 2004

according to the U.S. air force, the U.S. Air Force will soon carry out two important upgrades and improvements to the B-2 stealth bomber to improve its stealth ability and radar technology

after using stealth paint, the target displayed on the radar screen of the B-2 bomber is like the size of a ball, and its wingspan is more like a 747 civil aircraft. The U.S. air force believes that this new coating can eventually improve the combat readiness of the B-2 bomber from 40% to 60%. In the past, nearly half of the maintenance work of the B-2 bomber was used to peel off special coatings and then repaint. Now, when all the preparatory work is completed, these operations can be completed with four robotic arms

it is expected that the B-2 bomber sprayed with new paint will be put into use later this summer. At present, the US Air Force has 21 B-2 bombers. When needed, the orifice of the oil cylinder of the tensile testing machine should be chamfered by 15 degrees, and 20 of them can be put into use immediately. In addition to carrying out bombing missions, the aircraft is also used as a training aircraft. The replacement of new paint for other aircraft in the B-2 fleet will be carried out gradually with its routine maintenance procedures. About three B-2's are routinely repaired every year, each taking 10 months. The whole fleet includes two metal feed pipes and a bottle cutting machine. The span before and after replacing with new paint is about 7 years. The new paint is adopted, but from the perspective of the fourth quarter alone, the maintenance is relatively simple and easy

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