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Valin Xingma "heart" family

"if the heart doesn't belong, it's wandering everywhere, but you can find it here." This is the author's deepest understanding in Hunan Xingma coating workshop. With the employees of this workshop, you will find that such an inconspicuous workshop has built a warm "heart" home for the entire workshop staff

Valin Xingma "heart" family

entering Hunan Xingma coating workshop, you can't see many employees working, because there are only 16 employees in the workshop. However, since the fourth quarter of this year, the market has warmed up, Hunan Xingma is full-load production, and all vehicles need to be installed with reinforced guardrails and fenders. It's really not easy to complete tasks every day in the case of small number and heavy workload. What supports their beliefs? It is their common "home". For this "home", they carry forward the fine tradition that Xingma is not afraid of hardship in their posts

"leader" -- Feng Zhenhua

"I'm very proud to work in this workshop!" "I'm very grateful to have such a workshop director take care of me." This is the heartfelt feeling of the workshop staff. It was their workshop director, fengzhenhua, who made them feel so much

Feng Zhenhua was known in 2013. At that time, he was already the director of the workshop. With his love for the enterprise, he strengthened the management of the workshop and was highly praised by leaders and colleagues. Now he attaches great importance to, solicits and implements the opinions and suggestions of the workshop staff, and has created a Xintiandi in the management of the workshop, so that the employees have the ownership of "heart"

Feng Zhenhua summarized the comprehensive management of the workshop into three words: "strict", "ruthless" and "meticulous". "Strict" means to strictly control the quality and process. Self inspection and re inspection must be done in the process. Unqualified products are not allowed to be left in the next process. Strictly control the quality and operate the construction in strict accordance with the process standards. "Ruthless" also focuses on quality. Quality must reach people, and relevant systems of workshop production management have been formulated to restrict quality and labor discipline. Under the actual operating conditions, laboratory management, safety management and system management are carried out. "Fine" refers to paying attention to details, from the painting process, including car washing and all other details, including the color of small parts, the color of the car, which unit, and the specification of the container have been registered. "If you don't pay attention to details, the wrong color of a car will cause great losses to the company." Feng Zhenhua told the author

there is no place without systems, and it is futile to have systems without executive power. "We have formulated our own rules and regulations, and the employees of the workshop act according to the rules. Not only do we require the employees, but I also have to set an example. If I can't do it myself, I can't communicate with the employees. I arrive at the company very early every day. Once I have something, I will ask the team leader for leave and explain it, even if I'm 10 minutes late. In this way, the employees feel that the workshop director has something to say hello to us, arrange things, and let them not If you don't follow all the rules and regulations, start from yourself. Our workshop employees are not late. Some employees leave their cars there and take a taxi to work when they break down on the road by riding an electric car. "Feng Zhenhua said proudly," there are many excellent employees in the coating workshop. Whether they have won the title of advanced worker in the company or not, they are advanced workers in my heart. " For example, Wang Chunhua, the tireless monitor of the small parts painting class, Jiang Guowei, the "female man" of the slag removal class, and so on. Having these capable people to help him is the greatest happiness for him

caring for employees is the most correct thing for Feng Zhenhua. There are many toxic and harmful gases in the coating workshop. Feng Zhenhua not only requires employees to wear labor protection articles, especially protective glasses, so as to prevent the steel wire from hitting the eyes, but also specially equipped face masks for polishing employees. Feng Zhenhua said, "the employees in the workshop are engaged in physical labor. We need to find ways to manage the workshop well, that is, to let employees have a safe working environment." He is concerned about the working psychological state of employees who need a lot of water to wash the liquid products left in the pipeline in the fatigue performance testing fields of quality inspection, scientific research, universities, construction, roads, railways, bridges, automobiles, machinery, nuclear power, water conservancy, ports, tunnels, coal and other industries, cares about the family situation of employees, communicates and talks with them, so that they can integrate into the enterprise and always feel the warmth of "home", Achieve "one family, one heart, one goal"

"the only female man" - Jiang Guowei

in China, there is a spirit called the spirit of women's volleyball team. In Hunan Xingma coating workshop, there is a moving front-line female worker, and she is the only one. She silently contributes to the daily production tasks of the coating workshop with her slender hands and superhuman perseverance, adding a heavy color to this gratifying production peak. She is the only "female man" in the painting workshop and the only female employee of Hunan Xingma who is fighting on the front line - Jiang Guowei

"she is an old employee of the painting workshop. She has been here for more than ten years, and has done every post in the painting workshop. She is very hardworking, and her working hours are basically full attendance." Feng Zhenhua told the author

in front of the tall and powerful car body, I saw Jiang Guowei, whose body seemed delicate, but in fact, as a painter, she was strong. She could quickly and skillfully operate the tools in her hand and complete her own slag removal process. In a slightly rough position, she fought with male colleagues in the production line, maintaining women's unique carefulness, doing things cleanly and neatly, walking on the road, generating wind at the foot, not delicate, willing to bear hardships, She is a charming "woman man"

Jiang Guowei used to work as a painter in the car repair factory, and her working state was unstable. It coincided with the recruitment of painters in Hunan Xingma in 2006. She thought that the future of enterprise development would be bigger and more stable, so she signed up for the examination. She has done the whole painting line, from washing the car, polishing, spraying large parts to shoveling slag. Facing the heavy tasks now, she is not afraid of hard work, and actively participates in the upsurge of work. After the end of ten or even fourteen hours of high-intensity work a day, when she returns home, she still needs to assume the responsibility of being a wife and mother

Jiang Guowei is already the mother of two children. He can't take care of his daughter to eat at noon, so he cooked the next day's meal the night before and asked his daughter to come home from school at noon to heat it up by herself. "You can't always ask for leave at work. The company is far away from home. Going back and forth at noon will affect your work. In this way, you will work steadily. If you can't finish your work and ask someone else to help you do it, I'm always sorry, so I try my best to finish my work every time without affecting the next process. That's my idea." Jiang Guowei said, "My husband often said why I worked so hard. I said that my brothers were used to it, and they didn't treat me as a girl. Moreover, the director also took care of me better. He said that I was a woman. Painting did great harm to my body, and it was easier to shovel slag. He transferred me to the slag squad. I remember the steel bar welding and acceptance procedures JGJ 18 ⑵ 003. Once, I worked overtime until 10 p.m., I rode an electric frequency car on the road, and someone walked slowly, and saw me When I rode over, I suddenly ran to my side. I was scared and cried. When I got home, my husband said what happened to you. Tears fell down. I explained the reason. Later, the workshop director and colleagues knew about this and often sent me away together, so I think our workshop is very humane, just like a 'big family', so no matter how hard and tired we are in this workshop, it is also worth it. "

last year, Jiang Guowei won the honorary titles of "advanced worker of the group company" and "advanced worker of Hunan Xingma". This mature and optimistic woman exists like a flower in this workshop. Her beautiful face, firm and optimistic smile and sonorous figure are the most beautiful scenery in the whole workshop, adding harmony and tranquility to the tense working atmosphere

"excellent soldiers and strong generals" - Wang Chunhua, who has been in the company for six years, is a strong general in the coating workshop

he is the monitor of the small parts painting class. When the author saw him, he was busy working with a spray gun while introducing to the author: "since there have been many orders in September, there has been no rest for a day, just to deliver the products to the customers on schedule with quality and quantity guaranteed."

every task completed is the crystallization of Wang Chunhua's overtime work. Without rest time, my wife and children can't take care of them. Children often say, "Dad comes home every day, but I can't see him every day." "In September this year, my daughter was ill and hospitalized, and there was no time to take care of her, because the team still needed me to coordinate the work. Although it was hard to get more orders, now it was an opportunity for the development of the company. As a monitor, I had to rush ahead, how could I fall behind?". Yes, he thought so and did so. He practiced the style of a Xingma man with practical actions

as a Xingma employee, he sincerely hopes that the company's output can be maintained. Even if he is busy, he is very motivated. "Our whole workshop has a very good ability of unity and cooperation, because we have a good director to lead our painting workshop family. Every day, the director will assign the task of the day before the shift. After receiving the task, the employees will do their own things and finish their own work. Instead of waiting for time to get off work, they will help the unfinished process, which not only improves the work progress, but also exercises our coordination ability."

when the author asked Wang Chunhua's motto, his answer was: "spray paint, produce high-quality products, and be an excellent employee". The words were sonorous and powerful, and every sentence was resounding

they are the epitome of Hunan Xingma coating workshop. They build a "home" and a warm "heart" home. The warmth of home drives away the winter cold. They love the enterprise, based on their positions, and silently contribute to the development of Hunan Xingma

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