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Valin Hanma power hold live long-distance transportation interview user Hu Zhiyong

Valin Hanma power hold live long-distance transportation interview user Hu Zhiyong

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Guide: since it was put on the market, Valin Hanma power engine has been highly praised by many users, however, these are short-distance transporters. Whether Hanma power engine can withstand the test of long-distance attack has always been a question in the author's heart until the author met the user huzhiyong. Hanma power is absolutely

since its launch on the market, Valin Hanma power engine has been highly praised by many users. However, these are short haul transporters. Whether Hanma power engine can withstand the test of long-distance attack has always been a question in the author's heart until the author met the user huzhiyong

Hanma power can definitely hold long-distance transportation

interview user Hu Zhiyong

Hu Zhiyong is a Hanma power user who the author rushed to Bengbu to intercept. When the author saw him, he had just returned from transporting Hami melons from Hami, Xinjiang to Wuxi, nearly 7000 kilometers back and forth. The wind and dust were falling, but he did not show any fatigue. When the vehicle drove into Valin Bengbu service station, our technical service staff raised the cab and began to check the engine. Aside, Hu Zhiyong told us his driving experience: "the vehicle is very stable and comfortable to drive, and the power output is continuously stable, the power is strong, and the car runs very smoothly on the road."

Hu Zhiyong told him that he mainly traveled in the direction of Xinjiang, transporting melons and fruits from Xinjiang to eastern cities. The longest round trip was more than 8000 kilometers. Although taking the green passage and running high-speed, some highways in the western region have a continuous slope of dozens of kilometers, and the slope is also large. Vehicles need strong power to drive smoothly on the highway. He was surprised by the sufficient power of the vehicle. He told him, "I have also used oil pump vehicles before. When climbing a slope, the speed is less than 1500 rpm, and the gear will be reduced immediately. Other vehicles with more than 1500 rpm will probably turn when running. When the low-speed torque gear is 1100 rpm, the gear will be reduced. The power is relatively good, which I didn't expect."

in addition to the strong power that surprised Hu Zhiyong, the fuel consumption of Hanma power also satisfied him. He told: "the fuel consumption of the vehicle is OK, and the fuel consumption is lower than my expectation. Compared with previous vehicles, the fuel consumption of Valin engine also makes me very satisfied." Hu Zhiyong regretted that he failed to experience the Hanma power engine using the common rail in cylinder braking technology. He said: "oil pump cars are people who control fuel consumption. Common rail cars are better at controlling fuel consumption. When it comes to changing cars, you can consider common rail cars." After years of heavy truck contact, Hu Zhiyong is about to become half a heavy truck technical expert

xingkaima is my favorite model

in addition to the unexpected experience brought by Valin's engine to Hu Zhiyong, the Valin xingkaima model also makes Hu Zhiyong very much like it. After thousands of kilometers of long-distance attack, the vehicle using this method also has the necessary equipment. Even so, it can't hide the domineering shape of xingkaima vehicle. The xingkaima model based on the European heavy truck technology platform is very eye-catching in all aspects of vehicle safety, comfort, handling, chassis system, electrical system and so on. He told: "I like the domineering high-end appearance of xingkaima. The cab, which is comparable to the car, is convenient and comfortable to operate, and the shock-absorbing seat is also very comfortable."

Valin has been leading many domestic truck brands in terms of safety. In addition to adopting a cage frame whose size is longer and wider than 50cm than the base of the experimental machine for the first time in China in the body structure to enhance the anti-collision ability of the cab, the detail design should also ensure safety. Heavy trucks, especially those with extended trailers, have a safety blind spot, that is, when turning, the "inner wheel difference" of the vehicle can reach about 2.5 meters, and the rear wheel is often the most dangerous place. Hu Zhiyong told: "the rear-view mirror angle of xingkaima is quite good, and other cars can't see the trailer when turning. This car can see the back clearly, with a large angle, and it's safer when turning. Among the heavy trucks I've been in contact with before, Valin has done a little better in this way. And the driver in the cab has a wide field of vision in front of him, which makes it safer."

the car and I still need time to run in

Hu Zhiyong's xingkaima equipped with Hamma power has not been bought for long. This is the first operation of the car after running back to Xinjiang. Hu Zhiyong is very satisfied with the initial experience of the long-distance rush. He said: "no matter what car is good or not, try it, and you can feel the quality of the car once. At present, I am still very satisfied with this car."

from the careful modification design in the cab and some improvement suggestions for the vehicle, it can be seen that Hu Zhiyong is a very attentive heavy truck user, he told, "This car is like our partner. We need time to run it in, and we need to drive it and slowly explore its best handling performance. I believe that there is room for improvement in the overall performance of this car, such as lower fuel consumption and more comfortable driving."

goal: no overhaul for millions of kilometers

since the age of 16, Hu Zhiyong has started to run transportation. Years of transportation experience has made him have a different research on heavy trucks. From the time the vehicle entered the service station, he began to put forward suggestions for the improvement of the vehicle to Valin technical service staff. From the air circuit on the engine to the wall lamp design of the cab, he put forward design suggestions from the perspective of convenient driving. Also because of his special care for the vehicle, Hu Zhiyong is very confident in the later use of the vehicle. He said, "if I follow my running method, the vehicle will generally not be overhauled. Choosing a good car like Valin with excellent quality and comprehensive service, coupled with the careful maintenance of my usual car, the goal of no overhaul for a million kilometers can be achieved."

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