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Examples of several commonly used food packaging (Part 1)

first, candy packaging

wax paper is a traditional packaging material for packaging candy in a kink way; Unidirectional stretched PVC is a typical plastic film used to wrap candy in a kink way. However, these two kinds of packaging materials and their packaging methods gradually withdrew from this market due to their poor moisture-proof and fragrance retention properties. Pillow bag, which obtained the national patent authorization in 2009, has more than 20 packages. Because the sealing is better than kink packaging, and barrier packaging materials can be selected to play the role of moisture-proof, moisture-proof, fragrance retention. Candy with low moisture content has higher moisture-proof requirements; Sweets with strong flavor require good fragrance retention. The greening of plastic additives should include four parts: the greening of raw material selection, the greening of synthesis process, the greening of additives products, the renewable utilization and environmental absorption of additives

candy includes hard candy, creamy candy, gel candy, chocolate products, etc. Hard candy is a hard, brittle amorphous candy made from white granulated sugar and starch syrup. This kind of sugar is characterized by extremely low moisture content, which is easy to absorb moisture in the air and cause sand return, so it is suitable to use pillow bags for packaging rather than kinks for packaging. Creamy candy contains high-content dairy products and fats, which are dispersed in the system with small ball drops. It has a certain hardness at room temperature, but it is very easy to deform when heated, and the dispersed fats are easy to spread to the surface of the candy. Therefore, in addition to moisture resistance, it should also prevent body shrinkage, flavor loss, and fat oxidation. The best packaging should be oxygen barrier, ultraviolet barrier (especially short wave ultraviolet) Fragrant materials are packed in pillow bags

recommended packaging: matting kop22/pe25:kop22/vmcpp25 or pet12/vmcpp25

second, cake packaging

the characteristics of cakes and other foods are: high fat, high moisture, high protein, strong flavor, sugar, so the packaging must achieve the following functions

1. anti oxidation of oil: unsaturated oil is easy to be oxidized by oxygen in the air. As a result, the unsaturated bond is broken, which is manifested as fatty rancidity. The rancidity of fat will give rise to a throat pricking flavor. This is because fatty acids are oxidized and decomposed to form low molecular fatty acids, such as caproic acid and caprylic acid. This seriously affects the quality of the cake

2. stable water holding capacity: the cake will harden after losing water, which will affect the softness; Water absorption of cake will increase the activity of water, which is conducive to the reproduction of mold; When the water content increases, the protein may be hydrolyzed, especially in the presence of oxygen. The hydrolysis of protein will be very ⑵ connect the power supply quickly, and the hydrolysate has a fishy smell. The change of water content will produce alcohol taste under the action of saccharifying enzyme

3. flavor: flavoring agent is added in the cake making process, which is not only to increase the taste of the cake, but also to cover up the fishy smell of eggs. In order to prevent the fragrance of these fragrances from losing with the extension of storage period, it is necessary to preserve the fragrance

4. Ultraviolet rays, especially short wavelength ultraviolet rays, will not only promote the oxidation of oil, leading to oil rancidity, discoloration and corruption, but also cause the discoloration and discoloration of natural pigments. The ultraviolet transmittance of ordinary transparent films is very high, which can hardly block infrared rays. Although PVDC and pet are transparent, they have good anti ultraviolet (especially short wave infrared) transmission ability. If equipped with various experimental machines produced by Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. all year round, they can be properly dimmed to have the effect of blocking blue light. Such packaging is more suitable, which not only achieves a certain degree of food visibility, but also achieves quality and aroma preservation

5. Recommended packaging materials

extinction kpet/CPP (PE) composite film is the best, followed by extinction Kop/CPP (PE) composite film. It can be packed with deoxygenation or filled with nitrogen (actually filled with mixed gas of nitrogen and carbon dioxide). It is not recommended to use BOPP/CPP or PET/CPP composite films, because these composite films have neither oxygen resistance nor fragrance preservation and UV protection functions

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