Examples of the most popular uses of aluminum foil

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For example, the use of aluminum foil anti-static aluminum foil bag

aluminum foil has the same functions as waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, anti electromagnetic interference and electrostatic shielding, high mechanical strength and good heat sealing. Suitable for all kinds of packaging products, such as chemical, electronic, food and other fields. Among them, anti-static aluminum foil bags have been widely used in recent years. The material of anti-static aluminum foil bag is generally: pet/ny/al/pe composite; Bag shape: three side sealed, self-supporting zipper bag; The conventional thickness of aluminum foil bag is: microns; Surface resistance: Ω; Surface color: silver white; The average shielding barrier can reach 60dB; The inner layer is made of pure metal aluminum, and the resistivity is less than 0.1 ohm. Anti static aluminum foil bag is suitable for vacuum packaging of electrostatic sensitive components, IC, large-scale precision mechanical equipment, chemical raw materials, ink cartridges, toners and pharmaceutical intermediates. The size of anti-static aluminum foil bags is unlimited, with flat bags, three-dimensional bags, organ bags, etc., so that our business can really start. We can provide various styles, and we can also make different forms of bags according to customer requirements

antistatic aluminum foil bags have incomparable advantages over other packaging bags:

1 It can be vacuumed and has good anti-static and anti-static functions. 4. Check the oil quality and maintain good electromagnetic interference and moisture-proof functions

2. Firm sealing and strong compound ability

3. Good oxygen resistance and puncture resistance, and can be stored at low temperature for a long time

4 the inspiration of adding salt comes from the concrete materials often used in civil engineering High mechanical strength design, high puncture strength, free from damage, conducive to recycling

5. Anti static or non-static can be made according to customer requirements

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