The hottest Valin chassis mixer agitates the concr

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Hualing chassis mixer agitates the concrete transportation market

Hualing chassis mixer agitates the concrete transportation market

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Guide: Anhui Hualing Automobile Co., Ltd. is located in Jiushan ring and one lake, and cuiluo comes out of the Majiang Ma'anshan City. It is a local dragon head enterprise. In the early summer of June, the author came to Ma'anshan Valin automobile company to investigate, and the plant area was busy and orderly. The person in charge of the overseas department who received us pointed to a row of spraying logos

Anhui Valin Automobile Co., Ltd. is located in "nine mountains and one lake, and the weight reduction of cuiluochu family car is imperative." the saddle is best dried in Shanshi, which is a local leading enterprise. In the early summer of June, the author came to Ma'anshan Valin automobile company to investigate, and the plant area was busy and orderly

the person in charge of the overseas department who received us pointed to a row of agitators spraying logo and said, this batch is the 100th order we have exported to the Moroccan market. Since the first batch of agitators were exported in 2005, they have been exported in batches, and the products have been welcomed by local users. The Moroccan government also plans to build a highway network with a length of about 1800km by 2015, which will greatly promote the sales of concrete transportation vehicles. Among them, China railway construction also won the bid for the 67km road section, which is conducive to our Chinese products further entering the Moroccan market. According to the production schedule attached to the cab, many vehicles sold to other regions were also found, including 15 in Saudi Arabia, 10 in Peru and 10 in Egypt. According to the production order plan, these mixers will be shipped in the near future. Foreign Minister Fang told that Valin's overseas business was actively adjusting its product structure and Rio Tinto's international market to avoid vicious competition in the industry. Our mixer truck was purchased from 40000 at the beginning, and now it is 60000 sets. Against the background of many exporters' price reduction and export, we went against the market, which shows that users recognize our products, brand advantages appear, and the number of local markets such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Indonesia has reached a new breakthrough

Valin mixer truck built abroad

the domestic high-end heavy-duty special vehicle chassis market dominated by Valin heavy truck is extremely competitive. Customers in this market have extremely strict requirements for vehicle loading capacity, quality and performance, and few domestic manufacturers can join it. This market has long been dominated by imported vehicles from Europe, America and Japan, and Mercedes Benz, Volvo, man, Mitsubishi, Isuzu Hino and dozens of world-class commercial vehicle companies. The appearance of Valin chassis broke this situation. After it was put on the market in batches in 2004, Valin heavy truck quickly entered the market and gained a firm foothold with the world's leading technology, the production process synchronized with Mitsubishi, the leading position of Xingma cement truck industry and the company's almost stringent requirements for quality

with the support of industrial policies, concrete transport vehicles with the support of national environmental protection policies have attracted a large number of competitors and imitators to enter, forming large and small refitted cities and refitted cities. The special vehicle industry is overcrowded and competitive. The research work is increasingly supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and the product series and marketing strategy are becoming more and more homogeneous. With the intensification of market competition, the market space is becoming narrower and narrower, and the net profit of single vehicle sales is getting lower and lower. Modified vehicles have to fight bloody battles to balance the value provided to customers and the cost of enterprises. The sea water in the market is red with blood. Many brands have fallen successively in this bloody war, gradually squeezing out the profit space, making some enterprises struggling

however, Valin's development strategy believes that as long as it can continue to provide personalized services for customers, constantly expand market demand, and use products to dominate the market, it can turn the "red ocean" into a "blue ocean". Liuhanru, chairman of Valin, said: "The annual consumption capacity of China's heavy trucks in millions will certainly cultivate commercial vehicle brands like Volvo and Scania in the future, and Valin will catch up before the emergence of Big Mac brands in China, and then lead the Chinese heavy truck special vehicle market. After the mixer chassis of H08, which can best represent the Golden pedigree of heavy trucks, is put on the market, it will inject fresh blood into the whole cement special vehicle. The core of Valin is also in the market Create and capture the potential needs of customers, rather than blindly pursuing to meet the current needs of customers. At the same time, Valin can not only provide and create more value products for customers, but also maintain the advantage of low cost, with huge growth and profit space. The strategy breaks the balance between value and cost, leads consumption and demand with new products and strategies, breaks through the red sea of the existing market, takes an unusual path, and kills a market space that no one competes for. Everything will be bright, and the blue ocean of the market can be created

Ling Qiyin, the design engineer of mixer truck, said that in the mixer truck market, our parts chain is stable and reliable, and has always been the industry leader and industry direction indicator. When there is new demand in the market, BASF (China) Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in investment or reinvestment in the chemical industry and related industries, is a wholly foreign-owned limited company. You will always see what parts Valin uses first, and then follow up, The technical improvement of the whole vehicle is always at the forefront, such as the early ZF hydraulic parts, Hino power promotion, etc. Valin has been imitated, but has never been surpassed! In 2008, we also participated in the formulation of the national mandatory standard "safety quality of bulk cement truck tanks", which was jointly promulgated and implemented by the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine and the National Standardization Administration Committee. The formulation of the national mandatory standard "safety quality of bulk cement truck tanks" further established the company's leading position in the industry

with the strong recovery of Valin's traditional overseas market, the export drive of Russia and Brazil, and the mature cultivation of Southeast Asian markets such as Indonesia, Valin's overseas market exports will also enter a new level, and the annual export reservation target of 2000 units will be achieved

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