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Valin company ranks among the top 100 enterprises of Anhui Province in 2016

Valin company ranks among the top 100 enterprises of Anhui Province in 2016

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recently, the Department of science and technology of Anhui Province, the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission, the Provincial Department of education, and the Provincial Intellectual Property Office jointly released the 2016 ranking of Anhui province's top 100 invention patents. With the outstanding technological innovation ability and intellectual property work in recent years, the friction wheel surface of the gearbox should not be refueled or splashed with oil stains. Anhui Valin Automobile Co., Ltd. was included in the list, which shows that the company is in the leading position in the field of patented technology

the top 100 invention patents in Anhui province need to cooperate with the release of the electronic extension measurement list, which aims to encourage enterprises to strengthen intellectual property work, improve scientific and technological innovation ability, and promote the industrialization of technological innovation. By the end of 2016, Valin had received a total of 503 patents, including 138 invention patents and 412 authorized patents, including 56 invention patents. In 2016 alone, the company was granted 32 invention patents, a record high for invention patents over the years. Both the quantity and quality of patents and the strength of patent work have been further improved. 4 Customers can also use cannon equipment with the same configuration for spraying raw materials with different formulas (normal or with mineral filler), which shows the strong internal driving force and broad development space of the company as an innovation subject

it is reported that Valin has always adhered to independent innovation. From vehicle research and development to the research and development of core components, the company has taken a difficult and long road of independent innovation and development. Throughout the development process of Valin, from heavy truck chassis to axle, gearbox and engine, Valin has continuously driven product innovation with technical innovation and promoted enterprise development with product innovation. Turn the challenges brought by the general environment into opportunities for the company's innovation and development, take the initiative and grasp the market voice

especially for engine products, it took 6 years of research and development, and 3 years of continuous technical improvement and improvement. After preliminary research, product finalization, design, prototype development and testing, a patent group supported by more than 100 patents has been formed. With its advantages of leading technology and excellent performance, Hanma engine products have passed the market inspection in large quantities, and its core patent "an engine cylinder structure and engine with the above cylinder body mechanism" has won the "fourth Anhui patent award" and the 18th China Patent Award for excellence, and its patented technology has been recognized by the state and the industry. This time, the company was selected into the provincial top 100 enterprises of invention patents, which is not only the affirmation and encouragement of Valin's invention patent work, but also the recognition of the enterprise's innovation strength and ability

Valin pursues technological progress and promotes the upgrading of industrial products. The industry is a high-temperature, high-risk and high-noise industry, and its pace will never stop. In the future, the company will pay more attention to invention and innovation, continue to enhance innovation and creativity, continue to improve and upgrade, and lay a solid foundation for the further development of the enterprise. (this article is from Valin Xingma)

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