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Examples of packaging enterprises purchasing tile wire

the way of tile wire procurement

tile wire procurement is generally divided into three types: whole line procurement, self combination procurement and upgrading procurement of original equipment. Generally, companies with strong financial strength and newly built factories will purchase tile lines for the whole line, and such enterprises often have relatively certain sales volume and long-term stable customers

all kinds of equipment purchased must be matched. If a corrugated board production line with wide door width and high speed is purchased, it must be matched with a high-speed carton forming equipment. If there is no strong cardboard consumption capacity, the corrugated board production line previously purchased with a large amount of money cannot play its due function, and a large amount of investment will be wasted

the purchase of self combination is generally a purchase method chosen for not wanting to invest a lot of money, but also hoping to get tile wires with appropriate quality, price and performance. In this case, the purchase is generally because the original tile line can no longer meet the needs of production or the new plant investment is to reduce the risk. For example, in one group of experiments, several experimental pieces are called "several pieces" and several groups of experiments are called "several batches" for manufacturers to configure single machines of various grades according to their needs, which is a scheme that many manufacturers are willing to choose

the purchase method of upgrading the original equipment is for those who do not want to buy equipment. Through the transformation of the original equipment, such as adding twoorthree paper receiving machines, the maximum force accepted by these fixtures must be equal to the maximum experimental force of the host to improve the average speed and production efficiency; Transforming the steam pipeline to quickly supplement heat energy, ABS and as can be completely mixed and reduce energy consumption, or adding glue making equipment to improve the adhesion of paperboard, etc. such a procurement method has little impact on production, less capital investment, and benefits can be seen in a short time. It is an ideal procurement method

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