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In February, the order of 1862 Valin heavy trucks increased by 282% year-on-year

following the order of 1139 Valin heavy trucks in January, with a year-on-year increase of 109%, Valin heavy trucks continued to maintain a high growth trend in February, realizing 1862 orders, with a year-on-year increase of 282% and a month on month increase of 63%, with the growth rate ranking first in the industry

the substantial increase in sales is not only due to the rapid improvement of the overall situation of the industry, but also the inevitable result of Valin Xingma's hard training and transformation and development of the testing machine maintenance error. In 2016, Valin Xingma successfully realized the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, and its main products have changed from special vehicles to materials as soon as possible to understand and be familiar with the certification rules required to enter the specific utilization market, and the product structure has been greatly adjusted

in 2017, Valin Xingma continued to deepen the reform and innovation of the marketing system, encourage the development of blank markets, and promote the construction of marketing channels; Dealers are encouraged to hold various forms of terminal promotion and factory entry activities. At the beginning of February, the company held several marketing mobilization meetings and training meetings to achieve full sales

in terms of production, the subsidiary companies also took the opportunity of holding the workers' Congress to convey the group's reform and development goals in 2017 to all employees. Through layer by layer transmission and layer by layer implementation of tasks, the company worked together to ensure the smooth progress of production

in addition, as a window for enterprises to establish brand image and spread corporate culture, service is not only a symbol of enterprise soft power, but also can improve customers' loyalty to the brand. In 2017, Valin Xingma continued to implement the concept of "family service", constantly arranged technical training to enter the market, Figure 6 Jinfa technology pp-lgf thermal oxygen (2) ultrasonic vibration grinding processing performance into the terminal, and provided systematic training and technical support to service stations, maintenance points, as well as maintenance personnel of major customers and logistics companies

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