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Valin full disc brake axle took the lead in officially entering the market in batch.

Valin full disc brake axle took the lead in formally entering the market in batch.

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disc brake technology is an advanced technology, which can greatly improve the overall technical level and performance of vehicles. With the rapid growth of high-end heavy truck products such as hazardous chemicals transportation, cold chain transportation and high-speed express delivery in recent years, In the domestic market, it is more and more popular with users

the disc brake axle has three obvious technical advantages

Lu Jun, deputy general manager of Valin axle branch, told the author that the reason why the disc brake axle is quickly welcomed is that it has a series of obvious technical advantages and can bring considerable economic benefits to users

first, high security. It is mainly reflected in that the braking torque is larger than that of drum type, and the braking efficiency can be increased by more than 30%, which greatly shortens the braking distance. It is of great significance to the safety of drivers and passengers, the vehicle itself, the electronic universal testing machine, a kind of material testing machine, and other vehicles

second, light weight. With Valin 6 × 4 tractor as an example, compared with Valin's own full drum brake axle, the axle alone can reduce the weight by about 100 kg, and the advantage is more obvious compared with other domestic competitive brands, light kg. Now, it is weight based charging, which will bring considerable economic benefits, and this is exactly what users value most

third, convenient maintenance. As the brake friction plate is a vulnerable part, it needs to be replaced regularly. The friction plate of drum brake is connected by rivets. When replacing the friction plate, the rivets need to be removed and replaced, and the maintenance time is very long; The installation and connection of the friction plate of the disc brake is relatively simple. You can easily take out the friction plate on the brake caliper with an ordinary ring wrench, which can greatly shorten the working hours and improve the attendance rate

the promotion of full disc brake axle is not smooth.

in 2012, GB, which has had an important impact on the heavy truck industry, was promulgated and implemented. This standard stipulates the basic technical requirements for the operation safety of motor vehicles, including the whole vehicle, main assemblies, safety protection devices and so on. Among them, there is the content that hazardous chemical transportation vehicles must be equipped with auxiliary braking devices, and the axle with front disc and rear drum has become the standard configuration of hazardous chemical transportation vehicles. However, the full disc brake (that is, the middle and rear axles are also equipped with disc brake) axle is still not forcibly promoted. In Europe, the full disc brake axle has been widely promoted as early as around 2005, and has become a standard

the full disc brake axle has the above obvious technical advantages, and the service conditions of European heavy trucks are also very similar to those in China, but why not promote it forcibly in China

Lu Jun told the author that there are two main reasons affecting the promotion of domestic full disc brake axle: the first is the price factor. The price of a disc type middle and rear axle is higher than that of a drum type one by 6 yuan × 4 for example, if HRF changes the axle from full drum type to full plate type, the purchase cost of a complete vehicle will increase by about 10000 yuan, which is enough to deter most customers

second, there is no matching engine product with in cylinder braking technology. In cylinder braking technology is a highly valued safety technology in developed countries in Europe and the United States, and it is standard in the world-class heavy truck brand. This technology appeared relatively late in China. It was not until the advent of Valin's Hanma engine in 2012 that this technology was introduced into China for the first time, which also made the promotion of the full disc brake axle possible

why does the full disc brake axle have to cooperate with the in cylinder braking technology

Lu Jun said: "Mainly because the brake disc is prone to high temperature after braking for a long time, and the brake disc after high temperature should not be drenched with water, which is easy to crack and make the brake invalid, which is very dangerous to drive. However, the road conditions in China are very complex, and it is inevitable to encounter long slopes and steep slopes. If there is no auxiliary braking technology such as in cylinder braking, continuous braking for a long time will cause great damage to the brake disc, which is also an unbearable loss for users." On the contrary, if you install a disc brake axle and an engine with in cylinder braking technology, the safety of the vehicle will be very high. "

the trend is irreversible. Valin full disc brake axle was the first to enter the market in batches.

as early as 2008, Valin began to carry out technical reserves and related tests of disc brake front axle. In 2011, Valin disc brake front axle was put on the market in batches. With the release and implementation of GB, Valin saw the development opportunities of disc brake middle and rear axles. Therefore, in 2012, Valin began to carry out the technical reserves and related tests of the medium and rear axle disc brake axles. After more than two years of efforts, it was successfully developed at the end of 2014 and began to enter the market. Since 2015, it has been the first to put on the market in batches, and nearly 100 dangerous chemical transport vehicles in Jiangsu and Shandong markets have been equipped with Valin's full disc brake axle

the reason why Valin full disc brake axle can be the first to enter the market in batches and be favored is that its axle products are mature on the one hand, and another important reason is that Valin is the first independent brand enterprise with advanced, mature and reliable engine in cylinder braking technology. Therefore, Valin heavy truck is also called the diamond combination of heavy truck by many users, This is enough to make Valin full disc qb/t 2028 (9) 4 soft PVC decorative film (sheet) - tensile performance brake axle one step ahead of the industry

Lu Jun also said that the main obstacles restricting the promotion of the full disc brake axle have been basically solved. For example, with the rapid expansion of production, the cost will be reduced rapidly and the promotion will be more smooth; With the full disc axle 2 When the test is suspended, turn off the oil pump Electromechanical, so that it should not idle, so as to avoid wasting power and rotating parts in the pump Through the bottom filling nozzle, the driving screw of the moving beam contacts the base You should watch your tears for wear The screw surface should always be coated with new grease The supporting in cylinder braking technology has been first obtained by Valin, and Valin's hammar engine is increasingly accepted by customers. Therefore, the promotion of Valin full disc brake axle has now entered the fast lane, especially in the field of high-end logistics and transportation. Compared with other domestic competitive products, some are still in their infancy, some are still undergoing experiments, and do not have the conditions for mass promotion to the market. It can be said that Valin has taken the lead and taken the initiative

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