Simple analysis of the repair and maintenance of t

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Simple analysis of the repair and maintenance of the production detector of carton machinery

the moisture-proof, rust proof, dust-proof, shock proof and calibration levels of the mechanical parts of the instrument should be done well, and the specified model of lubricating grease should be injected. The original devices, power supplies, sensors, converters, displays, etc. of the electrical parts should be well insulated, rat proof and temperature controlled to reduce the damage of the electrical parts caused by oxidation, aging, leakage, short circuit and open circuit

all kinds of glassware and optical instruments should be handled with care, and sudden cooling, sudden heat, middle strike, collision, dust and mildew should be prevented. In particular, the mirror surface and polished surface of optical parts cannot be directly taken by hand. It is necessary to wear thin gauze gloves with good selectivity and catalytic effect or pad with soft silk cloth to take the role played by the linear bearing in the tension machine. When wiping, it can only be gently wiped with fine silk cloth

the knife edges, scales and indicators on various measuring instruments should be protected from damage, and the pressure testing machine, also known as the electronic pressure testing machine, should be kept clean, and should be regularly calibrated by the measurement department

for the mechanical system, due to wear, corrosion, dust, oil, fracture, damage, falling into foreign matters, loosening or improper operation, the relevant moving parts have crash, slip, vibration, asynchronous operation, screw rod screw can not be adjusted, and the sound temperature is abnormal, you can check it by looking, listening, measuring and touching

in case of electrical failure, the indicator light does not light up, the display does not display or the data display is abnormal, you can check whether the switch, fuse, filament and electrical parts have leakage or poor contact, and you can check it by measuring the resistance, voltage, current, injecting the corresponding signal, and replacing the original device in question

if the pointer at the reading part is deformed, the scale is grinded to see how many turns it will be twisted and broken, the paint peel will fall off, it will be blurred, the electrical signal of the display is interrupted or the electrical parameters are abnormal, which will affect the normal display and accurate reading, it should be replaced

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