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Analysis of the current situation of China's printing machine manufacturing industry (Part 2)

IV. standards lag behind, hindering technological progress

in the past two decades, the enterprise mechanism has undergone major changes, but there is no fundamental change in the standardized management system of printing machine manufacturing. It is understood that China's national standard for offset printing machines (gb3264) was formulated in the 1980s and has not been fundamentally revised so far. At present, in China's equipment manufacturing industry, not many people adopt international standards and foreign advanced standards, and there is still room for improvement. The offset press we have produced has not been fully in line with international standards. Due to the lag of standards, there is a gap in printing speed, overprint accuracy, assembly quality and the stability of product operation, which not only affects the export of products, but also affects the upgrading of enterprise products. In the current situation of changes in the competent departments of industry, the experience of Shenyang should give full play to the role of industry associations, encourage industry associations to actively cooperate with relevant departments of industry, University and research, revise and adopt international standards, which will greatly benefit the competitive position of China's printing machinery. Without advanced internationally recognized product standards, it will be difficult to compete with internationally renowned brands. At the same time, standardization is also the technical basis for the development of market economy and enterprise management, and also an important measure to improve the quality of economic growth and economic benefits

v. views on the protection of technological achievements

the reason why I raise this question is because the number of international intellectual property infringement lawsuits is increasing, which cannot but attract our attention. With the increasingly fierce market competition, there have also been disputes over the rights and wrongs of technical achievements in the printing equipment manufacturing industry. Some have resorted to law, resulting in the disorderly competition of some printing machines, especially small offset printing machines and paper cutting machines, which are repeatedly produced, produced without licenses and operated without licenses in individual regions. I think this phenomenon should attract the attention of the leaders of relevant enterprises, Don't describe the R & D achievements of others as your own innovation, and don't describe the introduced technology as your latest product. In the case of increasingly improved intellectual property rights, I believe that enterprises, regardless of their size and ownership, must win the market with high-quality products, the image of enterprise integrity and high-quality services if they want to occupy a place in the market economy competition. That kind of bad business management style of false publicity and shoddy, only eager for quick success and instant benefits, will not have good results in the end

VI. as for the problem of mutual price reduction in selling products

according to the national regulations on the functions of trade associations, no trade association has the authority to set prices and deal with prices, but it can coordinate product prices among enterprises in the industry. At present, the price of similar products of different enterprises is a sensitive issue that has aroused the most opinions. For example, although the performance and function level of domestic paper cutters are different, the prices vary greatly. Many low-cost products impact products with good quality and high price. I believe that on the premise of ensuring the integrity of product quality and performance, enterprises should fully tap the potential, reduce costs, and make products more competitive in the market. Under normal circumstances, it is abnormal and not allowed by the national price policy to obtain a contract if it is lower than the cost (except for the treatment of unsalable products). If improper means are taken to achieve the purpose of marketing, It is not allowed by industry ethics and national laws. We should not unilaterally expand the role of price in marketing. Many enterprises believe that it is better to sell at a low price. In the face of fierce market competition, we should not try our best to improve the technical level of enterprises, but press the price and compete with each other, which will lead to the misunderstanding of marketing. We should support fair and equal market competition, and everyone has the right to maintain the order of the market economy

VII. Diversified management should focus on the main business.

beiren group has accumulated many enlightening experiences in capital operation and diversified management. It mainly focuses on offset printing machines, and vigorously cooperates with domestic and foreign enterprises to develop commercial printing and the development and production of printing equipment after printing the core knowledge of Jinan assaying horizontal tensile testing machine, so as to create an industrial chain and form a new economic growth point, Sales increased from 540 million in 2000 to 1.38 billion in 2004, an increase of 2.6 times in five years. The printing equipment manufacturing enterprises of Shangbao group, such as Shanghai Guanghua, Ziguang and Zihong, have developed a variety of production based on mainframe, and have made new development every year, becoming the enterprise with the highest per capita sales among printing machine enterprises. Foreign equipment manufacturing industries focus on industrial technology and strive for excellence to comprehensively improve the level of major technical equipment. In terms of diversified operation, we should learn some experiences and lessons from other industries, and the fields should not be too extensive to avoid unnecessary risks and losses. The experiences and lessons in this regard should be learned

VIII. Development mode of exploration, resource strategic reorganization and integration

with the development of economy, the collectivization, intensification and internationalization management mode has become the inevitable trend of enterprise development. At present, many large enterprises at home and abroad have realized the arrival of this trend. Therefore, various forms of combination, mergers, acquisitions, and the implementation of strategic re combination of large groups have been seen in practice in the printing equipment manufacturing industry and the printing industry, such as beiren, Shangbao, Zhongjing and Beijing Duoyuan group, and have also achieved results. It is also possible that due to the current development of the printing industry market, there may be different views on whether to implement resource integration, but because the overall resources of the printing equipment industry are too scattered, Most enterprises have not formed their own comparative advantages, which is not conducive to the improvement of the overall competitiveness of the printing equipment manufacturing industry, and even a waste of resources in the printing machine industry. Repeated production of the same model and specification in various places is an obvious example. Some experts believe that today, when the market has higher and higher requirements for product specialization and boutique, manufacturers of printing equipment manufacturing industry should implement strategic reorganization and integration from the strategic height of developing their own industry and how to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, which will be an important issue that must be considered in the future development of enterprises and industries

IX. cultivate talents and be good at giving full play to the role of talents

there are two phenomena in the printing machinery industry on the issue of talents, which deserve attention. The brain drain of high-tech and highly educated talents is serious, which seriously affects the development ability of enterprise products. It is understood that some printing equipment research institutions have almost become "empty shells". Although the lack of subject research and costs is a reason, mainly the brain drain, frankly speaking, At present, some personnel working in foreign enterprises are senior technical talents we are familiar with; The second is the lack of senior skilled workers, which also seriously affects the overall ability of printing machine manufacturing. It is understood that China's senior skilled workers account for only 3.5% of the total skilled workers, which is far from the proportion of developed countries with the following specific operation steps:%. Due to the low technical level of China's front-line workers, the average qualification rate of China's industrial manufactured products is only 70%, and the annual loss of non-performing products is nearly 200 billion yuan. At present, enterprises feel that there is a considerable lack of good assemblers, fitters, foundry and forging workers. Of course, this is closely related to the educational orientation and social environment of the whole country, but how to cultivate, improve and retain talents in the mechanism, especially senior technicians and senior technical workers, is a big problem that we should consider

Last October, Premier Wen Jiabao pointed out during his inspection in Qingdao that famous brands are quality, efficiency, competition and life. The future competition of the world is the competition of intellectual property rights, which is mainly manifested in first-class technology and first-class products. From the strategic height of realizing national prosperity and national rejuvenation, we should encourage China's excellent enterprises to strive for world-class brands, which is the guiding ideology and pursuit goal of China's future industrial development, especially the development of manufacturing industry. This paragraph is very profound and worth our serious understanding

at present, China's total manufacturing industry has ranked third in the world, among which the output of more than 100 products in more than a dozen industries such as energy, chemical industry, building materials, textiles, household appliances, electronics and so on has ranked first in the world. However, among the world's 100 famous brands, the United States, Japan and Germany account for 2/3, and now 3% of the international brands account for 40% of the market. In the printing machine industry, only beiren, Shangbao and Changchun printing machines were rated as well-known brands in Beijing, Shanghai and Jilin respectively. With the attention and promotion of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, all provinces and cities are vigorously promoting the evaluation of China's famous brand products, which is still in the process of strategic opportunity. They have advocated and carried out the "China Industry Award" activity, with the purpose of accelerating the cultivation of China's world famous brands, so that China's independent brands can enter the world's golden new materials, SAIC General Motors, Dongfeng Honda, BYD, 1 auto Volkswagen, Beijing Hyundai, brilliance BMW Jixiang automobile, Ningbo Huaxiang and other automobile complete machine factories and parts factories gathered in one hall. Premier Wen Jiabao's above instructions should be the mission of all leaders of the printing machinery manufacturing industry in China and given by history. People in the industry believe that after the efforts of several generations, the majority of employees in China's printing machinery manufacturing industry will make greater and newer contributions to the development of China's printing industry and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

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